Friday, May 8, 2009

Atticus Lanigan / Other Voice on Green

Atticus Lanigan is land use planner for Orange County. She
has lived in the Hudson Valley since 1993. She has a strong
devotion to the Hudson Valley that manifests itself through
art and love on a constant basis. She has a Master’s degree
in City & Regional Planning and is a wife and mother. She
recently created a newsletter called Hudson Valley Movement.
She can be reached at

Bill Mckibben states, “…a bee hive is a society, which we know
from own experience is infinitely more complex than an
individual. More robust in certain ways, but more delicate too.
These are incredibly balanced, lovely evolved little nations.”
Inter-connected is everything. To develop concern for the
natural environment is to uncover in oneself an understanding
of inter-connectness (one that your soul knows inherently).
You find your heart, mind and floodgates open. The connections
seem and are endless and often too much for one mind to contain.
An individual with genuine passion for the world, in human hearts
and the physical landscape, can become overwhelmed while being
intriqued and inspired and fulfilled. This can lead to madness,
or least a slight infection, a bulbous growth that catches
dust and gives rise to little demons.
This piece snapshots the moment before the bulbous growth is
dissolved or burned, hopefully by the individual’s natural cleansing
process, allowing for more growth and the onset of new
understanding of the inter-connectness. The snapshot resides
at the end of winter, when incubation is over and an individual
can grow again, thereby also demonstrating a devotion to
the earth’s life-cycle (seasons).
Materials: used honeycomb, recycled doll’s head,
Chinese newspaper, blue flowers ripped from a very old
tattered plastic stem found in an empty blue wedding
album circa 1890s, glue, dark red thread that pervades
my work, two recycled brooches altered, camphor used
for prayer at Spice Aroma restaurant in Poughkeepsie,
a wooden box acquired from a sad florist going out of
business, nails taken From the halfway dismantled
box from the sad florist.

All 3 images © Atticus Lanigan

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