Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Imelda Cajipe Endaya / Other Voice on Green

Imelda Cajipe Endaya
1. Forest in the Midst
mixed media on fabric & handmade paper
65 cm. x 52 cm.
2. Forest of the South
mixed media on fabric & handmade paper
65 cm. x 52 cm.
3. Forest of the East
mixed media on fabric & handmade paper
65 cm. x 55 cm.
Artist’s Statement
I use materials from the Southeast Asian culture that
nurtured me. I collage, stitch and paint on textiles and
handmade paper: at times I combine them with plastics
and photographs. I want my work to admonish on the use
of appropriate technology to halt the degradation
of our forests, air and water. Often poor countries would
cut their trees fast without replanting, then export them
as raw materials to industrialized countries. Developing
countries are made dumping ground of technological waste
from their richer neighbors; and much of the global
pollution that reach them are produced by the world’s
wealthiest nations.
My work is a voice from Asia-Pacific where traditional
art and craft used to be sourced from indigenous grasses
and trees. More and more these are displaced by the lure
of “development”, and replaced by modernization’s plastics
and synthetic products. Weavers and dyers have lost
work too because forests are no longer there.
Artist’s Bio Summary
b.1949 in Manila; lives and works in Newburgh, NY
Creating paintings, mixed media, prints, and installations from
womanly and homely materials, Endaya has consistently
tackled issues of cultural identity, peace, globalization,
displacement, and environment from a Filipina’s point of view.
Her work has made a strong presence in the contemporary
Asia-Pacific art world before she moved to live and work
in the USA in 2005.
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All 3 images © Imelda Cajipe Endaya

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